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Having spent my early years studying and pursuing a career in mechanical engineering, my passion for woodworking and desire to create has continuously had an irrepressible pull on me.  Much of this passion stems from endless hours spent learning from and helping my father in his backyard wood shop in a small Scottish town.

I have designed and built furniture for nearly a decade.  My pieces are generally one of a kind and built for a client's particular needs, tastes and environment.  Created with a contemporary look and feel, my pieces are influenced by modern Asian and Scandinavian design.

Working mainly with hardwoods, I aim to blend functionality and aesthetics to exceed customers' expectations.  As a furniture designer, I have a responsibility not only to my clients - but also to the environment.  To that extent, the vast majority of my portfolio is fabricated using reclaimed and environmentally sustainable woods.

Designing custom pieces enables me to offer truly unique, one-of-a-kind solutions to accommodate a variety of styles and budgets.  From made to order designs to limited production runs, if you see something that would be perfect for your space but desire different dimensions, wood type or if you have an idea in mind that you would like to have brought to life, contact me to discuss anytime.

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